LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- With a vote by Metro Council, Waverly Hills gets the green light to turn one of the scariest places on earth into a hotel. 

"Well the idea is to bring this building back to a facility that could help the community like it did when it was first built," explained owner Charlie Mattingly.

Mattingly is a guy with all sorts of ideas. After all, he had the foresight to capitalize on the supposed paranormal activity in the old tuberculosis hospital, making it the popular tourist attraction it is today for ghost-hunting enthusiasts. 

Now, Mattingly is on to his next idea: turning the sanatorium into a hotel.

"About 134 rooms is what we're shooting for right now," said Mattingly.

Metro Council approved a zoning change Thursday, making a hotel possible for the first time.  The estimated construction cost is $20 million.

The plan is to turn the first floor into meeting space. The second and third floors would be turned into hotel rooms. The fourth floor would remain as untouched as possible, looking just as it did in the 1930s.

"So if you were here and had a motel room you could take the elevator up and walk right in to the paranormal center," said Mattingly.

But that's not all the owner wants to do. A proposed restaurant on property would serve nutritious food, and teach healthy cooking workshops.

"That gets back to what this building was founded on for the treatment of tuberculosis -- eating good organic foods," he said.

But who would really want to spend the night in a place that's supposedly one of the most haunted on earth?

"You just about see something every time you come here," said Mattingly.

"I've already got a list in there of who wants to be in the first hotel rooms when they're completed. So we're looking at having a 100 percent occupancy in our first two years."

There's no date on when the hotel could open, but Mattingly wants to start building right away.

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