LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) --Neighbors in New Albany say they've had enough after another home is burned to the ground in their neighborhood.

"I mean why they can't catch him it's been over a year these have been going on," said neighbor, Mary Edwards.

This time it was this vacant home on Culbertson Ave. that burned.  Firefighters were called out shortly after eleven Sunday morning. Mary Edwards is a mother of two and lives a next door.

She says this is the sixth time in a year she's been forced to leave her home because of nearby houses that have been set ablaze.  In fact, it's not the first time firefighters were called out to this house.

"There's been a previous fire here approximately about a year ago," explained New Albany Fire Marshal, Chris Koehler.

The garage behind the house was also burned and Mary Edwards' garage.

There's houses burnt this way, there's more houses burnt this way, there's garages burnt that way. Why?" asked Edwards.

A block away on the corner of Oak and Silver Street, it was this vacant apartment building that went up in flames in late October.  Neighbors say there have been at least a half dozen more in the last year and are convinced they're all connected.

"There's so much foot traffic here anymore…Then you get concerned who's out doing their disastrous deeds," said neighbor, John Needy.

"These are obvious arsons. That house hadn't had electricity," said Edwards.

Fire Investigators say finding an arsonist isn't easy unless you catch the person in the act.

"A lot of neighbors are seeing things and giving us information we're trying to go on," said Koehler.

And they'll be asking police to step up patrols in the area.  It comes after three young lives were lost to arson in New Albany two months ago so investigators aren't taking this case lightly.

"I want them to find and put away the guy. I'm tired of hearing fire trucks and then running to my windows just to check," pleaded Edwards.

While neighbors suspect the arsonist is someone who lives nearby fire investigators have not named any official suspects. Anyone with information is asked to call the New Albany Fire Department.

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