LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- People are looking for ways to warm up on this bitter cold day. Heine Brothers is brewing something hot on Bardstown Road, but not for long.

"I think it's a little ridiculous, I come here everyday. Obviously it's up to them but I wish they weren't closing," said Brenna Brooks, a Highlands resident.

The coffee shop is closing and something as cold as this weather is moving in. The owners of Comfy Cow have been looking for a location in the Highlands. They'll scoop out this spot on Bardstown Road and Eastern Parkway this summer.

"Everybody likes ice cream but there's plenty of ice cream shops up and down Bardstown Road," said Paul Petr, a Highlands resident.

You'll find Cefiore on one corner, Lula's across the street, and Comfy Cow will be the third ice cream shop at this intersection.

Adam Brown, a manager at Comfy Cow, says, "Frozen yogurt's totally different, it's a totally different demographic. If people want ice cream they know where to come, if they want frozen yogurt they've got options."

Comfy Cow is use to a little competition. Homemade Ice Cream and Pie Kitchen is right down Frankfort Avenue. Employees hope the pink palace does just as well on Bardstown Road.

"One would think a coffee shop would bode better than a third ice cream shop on this corner and that's disappointing, it's a sad day," said Petr.

Heine Brothers is still open at the Bardstown Road, Eastern Parkway location. Comfy Cow plans to take over in May. 

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