LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The 5-year-old New Albany girl who survived a fire in January that killed her three siblings is expected to leave the hospital later today.

Taty'Ana's Hughes was supposed to be released Wednesday, but doctors decided she needed to be hospitalized awhile longer because her nutritional levels were lower than normal.

She has been in an Indianapolis hospital since early January, when she suffered significant burns in a fire that killed her three siblings -- 6-year-old Tai'zah, 4-year-old Tyrese and 2-year-old Trinity.

Marie Clark, Taty'Ana's grandmother, says she has been talking lately about the fire.

"She remembers more than we expected her to," Clark said. "And that hurts. That hurts."

Clark says Taty'Ana has mentioned her siblings.

"She speaks about them sometimes as if they're there and then sometimes she says she knows they're in Heaven," Clark said. "But I have a feeling she's gonna expect to see them when she goes home because she's talking about tea time with Tai'zah."

Clark says she's definitely ready to go home.

"My daughter said she took her bag and she started packing, in her hospital room," Clark said. "She said, 'All my stuff is ready.'"

Eighteen-year-old Cody Cashion is charged with three counts of murder. Authorities say he intentionally fired a flare gun into the home, causing the fire. Three other teens also face charges in connection with the fire.

A parade will be held in Taty'Ana's honor in front of the New Albany library, beginning at 10 o'clock Saturday morning. It will end at the Rec Center, where Taty'Ana will present the firefighter who rescued her with an award.

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