JEFFERSONVILLE, Ind. (WDRB) -- Pedestrians will continue to have access to the Clark Memorial Bridge even after lane restrictions take effect on March 10.

That's according to a news release from the KYTC Downtown Crossing.

The outer lanes and sidewalks were set to close Monday on both sides of the span, commonly known as the Second Street Bridge, as work continues on the Downtown Bridges Project. The lanes and sidewalks were scheduled to be closed for about six weeks, which would have left no way for pedestrians to cross the river.

"We heard people's concerns about the loss of pedestrian access, and we have responded," said Andy Barber, KYTC Downtown Crossing project manager. "Working together, KYTC and Walsh Construction found a solution that will keep the schedule on track and complete the important work of preserving historic elements."

According to the news release, a modified plan will allow continuous sidewalk access along one side of the bridge during the lane restrictions. Work will start on the southbound lanes of US 31 and pedestrian access will be maintained on the northbound sidewalk.

Beginning Monday morning around 9 a.m., traffic will be reduced to one lane on US 31 South on the Indiana approach stretching from just south of Court Avenue to the bridge. The outside lane will be closed, restricting traffic to the inside southbound lane. The southbound sidewalk will also be closed.

After work is completed on the southbound side of the approach, crews will place a second row of concrete barriers in the restricted area to create a safe pathway for pedestrians. The created pathway will extend from the Indiana approach to the southbound sidewalk on the bridge, which remains open to pedestrian traffic. Crews will then begin work on US 31 North.

Lane restrictions on the Indiana approach will remain in place in both directions during the northbound work, with pedestrian access maintained on the southbound side.

The existing four travel lanes on the Clark Memorial Bridge and on the Kentucky approach will not be affected during the work.

During the restrictions, crews with Walsh Construction dismantle historic decorative pylons, limestone block walls and railing that surround the existing Clark Memorial Bridge approach. The elements will be incorporated into the newly constructed bridge approach.

The restrictions will remain in place until the planned closure of the Clark Memorial Bridge. The preparatory work being done in the coming weeks will help limit the amount of time the bridge will be closed.

The Clark Memorial Bridge is expected to close in late May and remain closed for just over six weeks. During the full closure, new US 31 entrance and exit ramps to and from Court Avenue will be constructed. When the bridge reopens in July, the new ramps will be in use.


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