LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB)---A young New Albany girl, who survived a fire in January which killed her siblings, received a welcome home ceremony on Saturday.

At 5-years-old, Taty'Ana Hughes proved to everyone on Friday just how strong she really is, as she walked out of the Indianapolis hospital where she was treated for 2 months.

"Where are you going," we asked her. "Disney World," Taty'Ana replied.

A vacation was already on her mind, but she was happy to going home.

Two months ago, she survived this fire on Ealy Street in New Albany, suffering major burns. 

Three of her siblings, Trinity, Tyrese, and Tai'zah. did not survive.

Community members pulled together to support Taty'Ana.

"We couldn't believe when it happened. The kids miss them very much. My daughter went to school with her," says Franklin Holmes, a friend of the family.

On Saturday, wearing a pink brace to help her walk, Taty'Ana returned to her community with a welcome home parade. It was complete with banners, and the firefighters who were on scene the night of the fire.

They took Taty'Ana from the library to the recreation center where she and her siblings spent a lot of their time.

It was there that Taty'Ana came face to face with the firefighter who carried her out of the burning home. She then presented Sergeant Robert Hannon with an award.  

"The idea of being able to put a face to the person who carried her out of there is the best feeling," says Marie Clark, Taty'Ana's grandmother.  

"It just so happened that me and my partner were in the right part of the house at the right time and found the young girl and was able to bring her out to EMS and get her to the hospital," says Sergeant Robert Hannon.

Sgt. Robert Hannon says he doesn't consider himself a hero. He says this was team effort.

"It took almost an entire shift to be there that night and take care of that problem, and we did so swift and fast and saved a life," says Sgt. Hannon.

For Taty'Ana's grandmother, Marie Clark, it meant everything.

She says words can't express how thankful she is.

"If he hadn't gotten to her when he did, I would have had to bury four grandbabies. All of them," says Marie Clark.

As for the fire, 18-year-old Cody Cashion has been charged with arson and murder.

Three other teens also face charges in connection.

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