LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Now that these soldiers are home, some Highlands residents are showing their appreciation. Houses all along Edgeland Avenue displayed tea lights in their windows to honor the homecoming.

JonVieve Hill gave out tea lights and paper bags so that neigbors and businesses in the highlands could display them Saturday night.

Her husband, Captain Charley Hill, just completed his second tour of duty in Afghanistan.

His wife wanted to have a very visual way of welcoming him home and the neighbors were happy to participate in the surprise.

"He was very much concerned that this was just about him," JonVieve said, "and I said this is about you and your fellow soldiers."

Captain Hill said he was reassured his whole unit was being honored, "I wanted to make sure they recognize the whole 3-1 Infantry Brigade Combat Team."

The Hills say they are very happy to live in their neighborhood. They say it is an honor that their neighborhoods would participate, even with Fort Knox being an hour away.

JonVieve says she got the idea of doing something visual from a Super Bowl Commercial.