LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Bike-sharing systems are taking off nationwide, and the city is working to bring the trend to Louisville. 

"Biking is becoming more and more of an interest here in Louisville," said Rolf Eisinger, city bike and pedestrian coordinator. "We see more people out riding, especially this week."

Eisinger is working on a business plan to bring public bike-sharing to Louisville.

"Bike-share does work here in Louisville," said Eisinger. "We have numbers and stats from Humana's bike-share program that help support that, yeah, it can work here."

Humana's success has grown since the bike-sharing program launched nearly seven years ago. More than a quarter of it's employees are enrolled.

"For the associates who use the program day-in and day-out, or even week-in and week-out, they love it," said Jim Turner, a Humana spokesperson. "They don't have to bring a bike to work. They can check out one of these bikes."

Here's how it works: you check out a bike using a credit card, ride the bike around town, and return it to any bike-share station.

Eisinger said, "I've used bike-sharing in Minneapolis, New York, around the country, and I find it to be a very efficient use of my time -- and it's a lot of fun."

In a few months, when the city finishes its business plan and secures sponsors, they will start demo-ing bikes. 

"We'd love to have the public come out, try out the different stations and bikes, what works for them and what works for our community," said Eisinger.

The city hopes to install bike-sharing stations throughout the area by spring 2015.

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