LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Some say it is a sign of the times or offensive to Louisville's gay and lesbian community. The message targets Louisville's gay community, but now the group behind the sign is the target.

What The "&$%*"! That's the message a vandalist left on the billboard since WDRB's last report on it. 

It also seems to be the latest reaction to the controversial sign in the Highlands.  The billboard was recently vandalized with the letters W-T-F.  Which you probably know is an acronym for a saying we won't publish.

"Just as he has a right to post the billboard and say what he wants, everyone else has a right to feel how they feel and say what they want to say about it," says Jeremy Shirey, who dislikes the billboard.

Shirey doesn't agree with the vandalism, though he says, "I mean, [the billboard] really hurt my feelings."

Shirey said, "I couldn't believe that somebody actually put something like that up in the Highlands, no less."

The billboard says:"Not everyone who is gay is happy. You have options." We interviewed the man behind the sign last month, he said the negative attacks started shortly after it went up.

"Some of it you wouldn't be able to show on TV," said Daniel Mingo, With Abba's Delight.

Mingo is founder of Abba's Delight, he says the billboard specifically targets people who have unwanted same-sex attractions.  He says he is uniquely qualified to help those people, "I walked away from homosexuality 21 years ago." Mingo said "because I knew it wasn't in line with God's will for my life."

Since unveiling the billboard, there have been threats, a protest and now this.  Mingo was not available to go on camera again but did release a statement.

It says: "Whoever it was that vandalized the billboard took their disagreement with our ministry's message to a different level when the billboard was defaced. I see a definite double standard presenting itself surrounding issues of hatred and intolerance with the tagger's message, as well as the opposing voice mails and emails our ministry has received."

Shirey is not surprised by the negative feedback about the billboard, and he questions how much worse it would be if it targeted race instead of sexuality.

"If it were to say 'not all black people are happy, you have options', Shirey says people would be offended.

The plan is for the billboard to be in place for 90 days, and we are not sure if or when the graffiti will be removed.

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