MEDORA, Ind. (WDRB) -- Two hogs were shot and killed in Medora, Ind. when they snuck out of their fence and into town.

Only about 700 people call the town home and there isn't a big difference between its city limits and its rural edges.

But on Monday night, Medora saw more action than usual.

"Some people stopped me in town there and told me they saw some wild hogs in town," said Medora Town Marshal Steve Ingle.

"Saw a boar down yonder. Came back up this road and there was another one that ran across the road," resident Clayton Cornett told WDRB.

To spot wild hogs in town is unusual. They're known to stay in the country or wooded areas.

When Medora Town Marshal Steve Ingle went to investigate, he was relieved to find out the two rather large hogs had been shot and killed, because they're known to be dangerous.

"They're just aggressive. I know people that've hunted them that have been chased up trees," he said.

Clayton Cornett watched his dad shoot one of them.

"My dad ran across the road and told Brad to get the gun. He came out the back door and ran into the cornfield and shot it dead," he said.

Ingle said at first glance, the hogs appeared to be wild.

But officers with the Indiana Department of Natural Resources say the hogs came from a property at the edge of town.

And officials say even if they did escape an empty pen, that doesn't mean the pigs were fully domestic.

They tell us the pigs could be a crossbreed, meaning in the past, wild hogs have made their way in and reproduced with pen-raised pigs.

"It's getting to be a pretty big problem around here. Most of the farmers want them gone. I mean they destroy their crops," Ingle told WDRB.

Ingle says it's best to call 911 if you spot one.

"They're definitely around. There's been a lot of them killed around here. Any kind of small animal or small child , you don't want to approach them. You wanna try and get away from them," he said.

Meanwhile, whoever shoots them, usually gets to keep them.

There was a third hog that got loose, but Medora officials say it's unaccounted for.

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