The Local Option Sales Tax proposal supported by Mayor Greg Fischer and virtually every other mayor in Kentucky cleared a House panel by a 6-3 vote this week.  This would be huge for Louisville, but there will be more hurdles to clear such as the rural legislators who have long held a selfish bias against Louisville and even Lexington.    

This was made very clear again the other day by Greg Stumbo who opposes the Local Option Sales Tax.  He actually said Louisville gets, and I quote, "a lot of traffic from people outside their community. So what they really want to do is transfer this tax to those people so they can build parks for the people that live in the cities."   Shame on us for having the audacity to want to make our city a better place, but I expect that from Greg Stumbo.

Shockingly, one of Louisville's own representatives, Larry Clark, also opposes the measure by saying, "If I'm going to vote for a sales tax increase, I'll use money to fund education at the state level."  In other words, screw the people who elected me.  My power is granted by the rural legislators and I'll always side with them!

This is Clark's chance to either get on the right side of a movement to really help Louisville, or to remain Louisville's poster child for everything that's wrong with the Kentucky legislature.  

I'm Bill Lamb…and that's my Point of View.