LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A new effort to beautify the Parkland neighborhood is building a sense of community.

Home Depot has partnered with the Parkland Boys and Girls club to provide handyman repair training to young people.

The program will encourage kids to maintain and take pride in their neighborhood. Councilwoman Attica Scott says the basic skills will do more than repair sidewalks.


"It's extremely important when we think about the achievement levels of our young people," Scott says, "and them being ready for work and for leadership they need to have these basic skills to take care of their own home but there are also a lot of elders in our neighborhood that cant take care of their own homes and so to have young people go out and build relationships and builds neighborhoods and beautifies communities."

Later this spring, the program will offer a special event for children age 5 to 12, to teach them how to build bird feeders. 

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