LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A 5-month-old baby involved in a DUI crash over the weekend is improving in the hospital.

The infant's twin sister was killed in the crash.

On Sunday, the mother of the infants spoke to WDRB.

Levarcia Ingram is a mother of 5, with two sets of twins.

The two youngest girls are 5-month old Avani and her identical twin La'Niya.

Around midnight on Friday night, Ingram was driving three other people and the two twins on 18th Street, when authorities say 51-year-old James O'Bannon ran a stop sign on Cedar Street and hit the van.

"I'm all out of tears. I'm mad. I'm pissed," said Levarcia Ingram.

She spoke to WDRB's Tamara Evans about what happened that evening.

"I heard the acceleration of his truck and I remember hearing 'bam' and my ears ringing," Ingram said.

She says LaNiya was alert, but Avani was having trouble breathing.

"I didn't see any blood. And I'm like, Avani, you're going to be okay and I'm begging God 'Please don't take her. She's my fighter'," said Levarcia Ingram.

Avani passed away. La'Niya has been recovering at Kosair Children's Hospital, and on Sunday, was upgraded to fair condition and had her neckbrace removed.

Authorities say the driver who was responsible for the crash, James O'Bannon, was driving drunk and driving on a suspended license for DUI.

"Where did he come from? If he was in the bar or at a liquor store, how did he still get in his car or who gave him keys," said Levarcia Ingram.

Ingram says what happened to her baby girls is infuriating.

"Avani didn't get to live. Avani lived for 5 months. Avani was just getting her first tooth. They were just starting to crawl and talk and babble."

She says the two girls were best friends.

While it's hard for her to not be angry at O'Bannon, who has been charged with murder for the death of baby Avani, it's even harder for her to think of what happened to her daughter.

"I blame him because he made that choice to get in his car. He made that choice to drive intoxicated and he took my baby," said Levarcia Ingram.

The mother tells us that baby La'Niya is expected to be released from the hospital in the next few days.

She says Avani's visitation and funeral will be held on Friday and Saturday in Warsaw, Ky.

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