MEADE COUNTY, Ky. (WDRB) -- Monday, March 17, 12 grand jurors in Meade County are expected to hear the case of two troopers accused of a sexual relationship with a 15-year-old girl.

Special Prosecutor Thomas Wine says two of his prosecutors will be presenting the case to the special grand jury that morning. Wine confirms the case involves four people, but would only name the former Kentucky State Police troopers.

"It's my understanding that some of the officers involved were under a misunderstanding, if you will, about the age of the minor involved." Attorney General Jack Conway said back in September, "that does not absolve them of what they did. Some of the individuals were married from what I understand, so that certainly doesn't absolve them of what they did."

As WDRB News has been reporting for six months, a father says his 15-year-old daughter is the victim of inappropriate relationships with a Brandenburg officer, two Kentucky State Police troopers, and a Breckenridge County Sheriff's deputy.

All of those officers were placed on paid administrative leave at first, but are off the job. On September 5th, Breckenridge Deputy Christopher Woosley submitted this resignation letter to the Sheriff, but didn't disclose details.

Then, Kentucky State Police fired troopers Jerry Clanton and Stratford Young. Both had been with KSP since 2010. 

"They were terminated on September 13th, 2013," KSP Sgt. Rick Saint-Blancard said "we obviously performed an internal administrative proceedings, and through our investigation, we have found that termination was a viable option."

On October 9th, Brandenburg Officer Todd Matti submitted this resignation letter to the Brandenburg Police Chief saying he was stepping down for himself and his family.

The Brandenburg Mayor continued to stand by Matti, even after he resigned.

"I think he's innocent until proven guilty." Brandenburg Mayor David Peace said in October, "I feel like each one of the scenarios, the State Police, Breckenridge County, Brandenburg, are all in their own entities by themselves. I feel like ours is totally different from the way it's been handled."

Kentucky State Police say it conducted two investigations: one on the case and an internal investigation and handed information over to the special prosecutor.

A misunderstanding about her age is what former trooper Jerry Clanton claims. In January, the Kentucky State Police Trial Board decided Clanton would not get his job back even though he still wanted to be on the force.

WDRB obtained a 175 page transcript of that hearing where Clanton and Young thought she was 18 years old.

Clanton who is married says, "I made a moral mistake. And, I've gotten right with my family."

Clanton says with Young and the girl, they would watch UFC fights on TV last summer, while Clanton was on duty.

In these documents, he outlines four encounters that include sexual relations while he was in uniform on the police cruiser trunk, off the side of a road.

This case is also having an effect on Meade County. The Circuit Court Clerk's office says 21 DUI cases have been dismissed so far, because the investigating officers listed were Clanton and Young.

WDRB News has repeatedly tried to talk to all of the accused officers, but our requests were denied. 

If there are indictments, Wine says the same prosecutors will try the cases here in Meade county as well, in Brandenburg.

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