BRANDENBURG, Ky. (WDRB) -- A grand jury in Meade County has indicted two officers after finding they had an inappropriate relationship with a 15-year-old girl.

The grand jury returned a True Bill Monday after hearing about four hours of testimony.

Stratford Young, a former Kentucky State Police trooper is now charged with one count of rape and two counts of sodomy; Todd Matti, a former Brandenburg officer, is now charged with two counts of sodomy. Both men have entered not guilty pleas regarding their charges.

A special grand jury comprised of six men and six women started listening to two Jefferson County prosecutors assigned to the case at 9 a.m. A KSP investigator and a KSP sergeant assigned to special investigations was assisting prosecutors.

Special prosecutor Thomas Wine told us all of the accused officers had a chance to testify during Monday's proceedings, but chose not to. He also said at this time, they decided not to present the case against the other accused officers. He says he doesn't want to comment on that decision because it could affect the cases. The other accused officers are former Trooper Jerry Clanton and former Breckinridge Deputy Chris Woosley.

"It is disappointing for several families for our agency. We feel like we still do a really good job and we are proud of who we are," said Kentucky State Trooper Jeff Gregory.

It has been six months since WDRB News uncovered information about the four officers being accused of an inappropriate relationship with a 15-year-old girl. Young and Clanton claimed they thought she was 18. Court documents show Clanton admitted to sexual relations with the girl and called it a moral mistake.

The attorney for former trooper Clanton says he and his client are relieved the grand jury did not indict him Monday

Clanton lost his job as a state trooper and unsuccessfully appealed to win it back during a hearing earlier this year.

Court documents show Clanton had four sexual encounters with the alleged victim.

His attorney says there is one important element to Clanton's involvement that may prevent his indictment.

"It's abundantly clear that Officer Clanton didn't know that this woman was underage, and I think the decision not to present him to the grand jury was the correct one," attorney Brian Butler said.

Butler says the alleged victim has given recorded statements saying she lied about her age to Jerry Clanton.

With two indictments, KSP says the case is far from being over.

Trooper Gregory also said, "The investigation is still on-going. Investigators anticipate presentation to other grand juries in the surrounding future."

Bonds for both Matti and Young were set at $10,000, but each man only had to post 10 percent of that amount.

The judge has ordered both men to have no contact with females under the age of 18, excluding family members.

Young posted bond and opted to make no comment as he left the Meade County Courthouse. Matti also posted bond, and he too declined to comment.

The two men's next court date is in May to allow time for attorneys to look over the evidence which will be sealed and kept from the public. Officials say this is being done to protect the victim.


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