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POV | Take Ownership of Your Comments (3/18/14)

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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- If you spend much time at all on the Internet, you know how offensive things can get in the "Comments" section that follows almost any article.  Regardless of the subject of the article, a number of mental midgets can always be counted on to start dishing out slanderous, mean-spirited remarks aimed at a particular race, religion or political view. And they're protected from any repercussions because of the anonymity the Internet provides.

But website administrators are slowly but surely losing patience with these losers and making it tougher for them to get their cowardly kicks.

On our own website, WDRB.com, for example, we now require comments to be posted only by going through Facebook - which ties what you say to your public profile. Some people don't like it, but we've found that it keeps things a lot more civil.

However, several lawyers have come out in favor of anonymous posting, claiming that it can serve an important function -- such as in whistle-blowing cases - or simply that it falls under everyone's right to free expression.

But that's baloney.  I'm in favor of free speech, but only from people who are willing to take ownership of that speech.  And I see no reason for any website to be required to provide a protective forum for any coward who just happens to have a computer and a nasty agenda.
But what do you think? Call and tell us.

I'm Bill Lamb and that's my Point of View.

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