LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The Greater Clark Co. School Board approved extending the school day to keep the school year shorter after mounting snow days.

The Board of School Trustees made the decision Tuesday night, extending the school day 45 minutes from April 7 to May 9.

The recommendation passed unanimously.

In a statement issued following the vote, board members said the extra time will enhance "preparation for state assessments" with a focus on language arts and math.

Parents tell WDRB they'll make do with any inconvenience.

"For the children, their attention span wouldn't quite last that long. They're expecting to get out of school at a specific time. For the parents, it's an inconvenience as far as they've already arranged what time to come get their children with caregivers and such like that," said parent Amber Jenkins.

The board approved the plan to prevent the school year from ending June 11, cutting it short by three days.

The last day of school is now June 6.

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