LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A Clark County, Ind. woman has been arrested over a year after the Clark County Sheriff's Office says her two children were found in deplorable conditions -- and she tried to get one of them to smoke synthetic marijuana with her.

According to court documents, the events took place on Dec. 17, 2012, shortly after 7 p.m.

Authorities say they were called to a home on Howser Road, in Henryville, Ind., on a report of a domestic incident. When they arrived, deputies say they spoke with an 11-year-old and a 12-year-old at the home.

One of the children said 43-year-old Stefanie Klein, their mother, tried to hit her in the face with her fist, so she locked herself in the bathroom before calling 911.

Sheriff's deputies interviewed the children, according to the arrest warrant. The girl said Klein had given her some pills to hide in her room. The child then gave the deputies the pills, according to an incident report.

Authorities say the boy told them that earlier in the day, Klein locked him in a downstairs bedroom and tried to get him to smoke synthetic marijuana with her. He said he told her several times that he didn't want to, but she continued to urge him to do so, telling him that "You should try it. It could be something we do together when you get older."

Both children told the deputies that they didn't want to live at the home, according to the report, adding that Klein was a drug user and that there were cockroaches in the house, as well as dog feces.

"While at the residence, I did notice that there were approximately five (5) dogs that I could see, and observed a cockroach crawling from the living room to the kitchen area," a sheriff's deputy noted in the report. "There was food and clutters of clothing on the floor."

One of the children allegedly told authorities that there had been bugs in her sandwiches in the past.

When asked where Klein was, one of the children said that she might have been hiding underneath the basement steps. Authorities did find her there, according to the report, and she was allegedly under the influence of synthetic marijuana. She allegedly told authorities she was hiding because she has anxiety issues and was nervous.

According to the report, Klein admitted to being in a verbal argument earlier in the day, but denied trying to give any of her children any type of drugs. When told that her children no longer wanted to stay at the home, Klein agreed that they could stay with their father, who later arrived at the home to pick them up.

A report was filed with the Clark County Sheriff's Office, and the case was given to the Prosecutor's Office.

On Wednesday, March 19, Klein was arrested in connection with these events that allegedly took place over a year earlier. She was arraigned on a charge of neglect of a dependent on Friday afternoon.

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