INDIANAPOLIS, (AP) -- On Monday Indiana Gov. Mike Pence signed a bill pulling Indiana from the reading and math education standards adopted by most states around the country.

Indiana is the first state to opt out of the national Common Core standards.

The governor's office says Pence signed the proposal approved by legislators requiring the State Board of Education to draft new standards outlining what students should be learning in each grade rather than using the Common Core standards currently in place.

"I believe our students are best served when decisions about education are made at the state and local level," Pence said in a news release after signing the bill into law.

Pence said in a statement he believed Indiana's students are best served by education decisions made at the state and local level.

Many Republican lawmakers pushed for the withdrawal from Common Core, which the state board adopted in 2010 under then-GOP state schools superintendent Tony Bennett. The National Governors Association and state education superintendents developed Common Core.

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