LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- If you want to go to the Sweet 16 matchup between the Cards and the Cats, expect to pay up.

On StubHub, there is a wide range of ticket prices to Friday's game in Indianapolis, from $101 dollars for one ticket to $10,503.

The world's largest ticket reseller says the Bluegrass rivalry is the most-demanded matchup for the Sweet 16.

Ringing up sale after sale, Fan Outfitters in St. Matthews has been busy all day with people supporting their team. The business is taking names and numbers for people who are waiting for the Sweet 16 shirt which is expected to arrive some time Monday night.

"It's outstanding for our business. We couldn't have wished for a better thing. Both of them meeting in the Sweet 16 is great for us," said Tracey Ruehl, a manager at Fan Outfitters.

"I bought some U of L stuff and a t-shirt because we are in a house divided," said Cards fan Amy Anderson.

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer is declaring Friday "Cardinal Red Day." He says he wants the city to break its own world record for the most people wearing red in one day. But some are blasting his decision to not include wearing blue.

"They say they're never going to vote for me again. I'm willing to take that risk. I remind them I'm the mayor of Louisville and not the Mayor of Lexington," said Mayor Fischer.

Because of the expensive ticket prices, some fans have plans to just watch the game on TV.

"I'm here to buy a shirt to support my Cards. I'm ready for them to go to another Elite 8, get past Kentucky and get another championship," said Cards fan Alex Morton.

"To help support my Wildcats, they've made it a long way this season. They've made a big turnaround and I'm also proud to support the Cardinals as well," said Cats fan Jennifer Pearson.

Whichever team wins, the store will then sell an Elite 8 shirt.

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