LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Dozens of visitors at the Indianapolis Zoo were moved inside buildings on the park after two orangutans escape.

Meet Rocky: Zoo officials say the curious ape dismantled a Web camera before grabbing a side-kick and getting out of their new enclosure.

Neither managed to make it to areas where they would come in direct contact with visitors, but zoo officials moved about 60 people into the dolphin exhibit while they played hide-and-seek to lure the orangutans back to the primary exhibit.

"We expected the orangs to have this kind of behavior," said Karen Burns, spokeswoman for the Indianapolis Zoo. "We know they will test and will find any weak link in the chain. We opened the exhibit early so we could have the opportunity to do this and explore before the public has access
to the exhibit."

The $26 million exhibit is larger than two NFL football fields and is set to open to the public Memorial Day weekend.

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