LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Waterfront Park has been the site of 21 crimes in the past three months, including eight reported in the last week, according to records obtained by WDRB.

A spreadsheet emailed from Louisville Metro Police Chief Steve Conrad to Metro Council officials Thursday afternoon shows the crimes took place throughout the 85-acre park between Dec. 26 and March 26. They include four robberies, three assaults and seven narcotics-related crimes.

Conrad provided the data after telling council members Wednesday that he would give them a list of any criminal activity in the park over the past 90 days.

See the crime data

Police have not yet responded to WDRB's request, under the Kentucky Open Records Act, for several years' worth of incident reports involving Waterfront Park and surrounding areas.

According to the police data released Thursday, there were four crimes reported Saturday on the Big Four Bridge, when a mob of teen violence spawned at least 21 assaults and robberies that began in the park and spread throughout downtown.

Since Sunday, there have been four more reported crimes in the park, according to the data.

The Saturday before last weekend's mob attacks, March 15, there was a purse snatching on the ramp of the Big Four Bridge.

Among the other reported crimes, one was a theft and two were "intimidations." The data does not indicate whether arrests occurred.

Following last weekend's attacks, police have increased their presence in the park.

At the same time, the park's security contractor is beefing up its patrols for at least the next two weeks and adding an additional worker, said David Karem, president of the Waterfront Development Corp. Those two people will monitor the park from 7 p.m. until midnight, with the option of staying until 1 a.m., he said.

And on Wednesday, Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer announced plans to install 24 surveillance cameras in the park, including on the Big Four Bridge, before Thunder Over Louisville on April 12.

Metro Council members grilled Conrad Wednesday on his response to Saturday's violence.

Council member Jerry Miller asked about the city's online crime mapping system, noting it has shown no crime for the Waterfront Park area since March 14. He said he had trouble finding mention of a highly-publicized assault near Louisville Slugger Field in 2011.

Conrad told the council that a "technical issue" with the mapping provider has kept the data from displaying. He said the police department is trying to resolve the issue and acknowledged its "unfortunate timing."

He also said that "Saturday was extremely unique with many, many instances of crime in a short period of time."

Police have said the fatal March 16 stabbing of a teen on a TARC bus inspired a vigil Saturday night in Waterfront Park. Violence broke out at the park and dozens of teens assaulted and robbed people for more than two hours downtown.

A grand jury on Wednesday declined to indict Anthony Rene Allen for murder in the stabbing death of 14-year-old Me'Quale Offutt and wounding of a 13-year-old female.

While the witnesses and bus driver told police Allen instigated the fight and pulled his knife, a TARC video of the incident showed Allen tried to get off the bus and away from the teens when he was attacked.

The Jefferson County Attorney's Office plans to review the video to see if any of the teens should be charged with assaulting Allen or other offenses.

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