LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A hip-hop promoter says he organized the event that led to 200 teens creating chaos in downtown Louisville last weekend.  

On Friday, he spoke with WDRB's Gilbert Corsey and explained why the group came to the Waterfront, and how things got so out of control.

25-year-old Young Commercial is a music promoter, who sometimes goes by "Y.C."

"We've been chilling at Waterfront Park for probably three or four years," Commercial said.

He told us what he told police about the chaos that erupted downtown last weekend.

"I posted that I was going down there to meet his mother," Commercial said.

That Facebook post, brought about 40 of Me'Quale Offutt's friends to the corner of  Witherspoon and Brook Saturday. They took pictures with the mother of the boy who died after being stabbed on a TARC bus.

"Basically I told them to come out there have fun: no drama," Commercial said.
The plan went horribly wrong. Y.C. says after he left, the group grew to 200 teens -- and we've seen what happened next.

"It escalated from one person fighting to everyone -- started like a chain reaction," Commercial said. "It's like one person messed up and it messed the whole bunch up and the bunch just kept going."

Friday WDRB obtained the nearly two-dozen incident reports tied to the teenage mob. They include reports of robbery, assaults and criminal mischief.

They uncover far more than what the surveillance video shows. The reports say some of the teens had guns with them on the Big Four Bridge. They vandalized a number of vehicles and terrorized people in their cars.

At least one victim was knocked unconscious and suffered broken bones.

Several local event promoters met with city leaders this week, saying it's frustration that caused the commotion and a lack of people the teens respect as mentors.

"The more for them to do they wouldn't be out here doing what they're doing," said DJ Little Carl, a local entertainer.

"Can't go to Shively park they kick them right out, Shawnee park kicks them right out," said Commercial. "Waterfront is the only place left that lets them just hang out."

Y.C. does not take responsibility for the attacks but says he will be a part of the solution.

"With our events now, we're going to start trying to spread a message inside the events instead of just having a good time," Commercial said. "Spread a message of, 'Stop! You can't be out here doing that, or you're going to end up dead or in jail.'"

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