LOUISVILLE, Ky.  (WDRB) -- A U of L win Friday night could lead to jam-packed streets and a little bit of chaos.

But Louisville Metro Police have their own game plan to make sure potential celebrations don't go too far.  Metro Police and the University of Louisville's police department are putting extra officers on the streets, win or lose.

And that will allow some local business owners to stay focused and have peace of mind.

"Trying to get ready for that U of L / UK game, it's going to be a big day today," said Jason Stevenson, West Louisville business owner.

Stevenson has been selling barbecue ribs on West Broadway for several years.

He says, "They call me the barbecue man."

And game day is always a busy day for "The Barbecue Man."

"We been out here since about 7:30 this morning."

And with a crucial matchup between the Cards and Cats, Stevenson and other business owners will have lots of company before, during and after the game.

Stevenson explains, "It's going to be busy. It's going to be like the stock market around here, people everywhere."

And that's why local police are putting extra officers on the streets - even though it's only the Sweet 16.

"Well, it's an important game because, as you know, if you lose, you don't go forward -- and this game leads to other games. Plus, it's an instate rivalry game, so it is important," said Kenny Brown, assistant chief of the University of Louisville Police Department.

The city got a taste of what to expect after last year's championship run. In fact, the game plan is similar says, Brown: "That's what we're going to put in place and as it was last year, it is an expandable plan so if the celebrations get large, we move with it."

Meanwhile, Metro Police will focus mainly on Broadway and Waterfront Park, an area hit last weekend with outbreaks of youth violence.

"I'm glad to know we got people watching us, keeping everything safe for the community," said Stevenson.

"The Barbecue Man" says he'll be here until the last customer is served, and he's glad that police will be there too, just in case. 

"Yeah, I ain't got to worry about, you know, nobody misbehaving or hurting nobody or no crazy stuff going on, I can focus on my business."

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