HUNTERS HOLLOW, Ky. (WDRB) -- There is finally an end in sight after three days of raw sewage spilling into a Bullitt County creek. The plant's owners came up with a short-term solution to fixing the public health problem.

A sewage treatment plant in Hunters Hollow exploded and caught fire Saturday night. It's pouring 400,000 gallons of raw sewage into a local waterway every day.

"What's coming out now, since the pumps are still working, it's just sewage, and it's going into Brooks Run and that eventually goes into Floyds Fork," said Linda Parker, Hunters Hollow mayor. 

Nearly 1,000 homes and businesses are conserving water until a short-term solution is in place.

"We're installing a temporary waste water treatment plant that can handle most of the flow from the neighborhoods," said. Kevin Strohmeier, the rescue coordinator.

The private owner, Bullitt Utilities Inc., was unreachable for comment. The company will pay the bill.

Parker said, "To bring it in and set it up is $40,000, and then it's $2,000 a day to run it."

The Kentucky Division of Water regulates waste water treatment plants. Crews visited this site in December.

"As far as I know, nobody noted any structural issues with the plant," said Peter Goodmann, Director of Kentucky Division of Water.

Yet, officials say that's the only way something like this could have happened.

"It's probably just structural failure from either fatigue of the metal or the weld: the weld was not proper and it broke," said Goodmann.

Officials say the temporary plant should be operational within 24 hours.

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