LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Police say a burglar called 911 on himself after he fell 20 feet through a skylight and broke his leg during a break-in in downtown Louisville.

Officers say the attempted burglary did not go the way Kenneth Splunge planned.

"They did hear the individual calling for help," said LMPD spokeswoman Officer Carey Klain. "They're working it as burglary investigation."

A long way down for Kenneth Splunge ends with a trip to the hospital.

Splunge allegedly fell through a skylight  on the seventh floor of the 300 building at 3rd and Main in downtown Louisville -- that's adjacent to the Actor's Theatre parking garage.

He ended up in a penthouse apartment one floor below. First responders at the scene told WDRB it's a 20-foot drop.

Firefighters say the 34-year-old broke his femur, but police say he had a much different story when he called 911 for help.

"They initially had received a call on an individual who advised at that point that he was with a friend who had fallen through a skylight and he wasn't sure of his location," Klain said.

The story didn't add up.

"Investigators through talking with witnesses and just gathering information have determined that they believe this individual was by himself and had called and he was the one who had fallen through the glass," Klain said.

The call came just before 7 Wednesday morning and by midday, repair crews had already patched over the hole in the skylight.

The big question from police: how did Splunge scale the fence to get on the roof in the first place?

"As far as I know there was not anybody at the location where he did all through," Klain said.

Break-ins are nothing new for Splunge. His criminal wrap sheet in Louisville is 12 pages long -- with arrests for burglary, robbery and theft charges dating back to 2000.

After Splunge's release from University Hospital, he may be heading back to a very familiar place -- behind bars.

Burglary charges against Splunge have not been filed.

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