LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- An investigation is underway at a Louisville ambulance company after it appears narcotics were stolen.

"Earlier this week, we were informed by Rural/Metro Ambulance Service that there was a theft and loss, which they're mandated to report to us, the Drug Enforcement Administration," said Martin Redd,  Diversion Group Supervisor for the DEA Louisville District Office.

We're told it was two weeks ago that employees noticed 20 vials of morphine missing, a narcotic that helps patients in pain.

"It's a very potent drug. It's highly addictive. Highly abused on the street. There's a street value for it," Redd said.

Locally, a spokesperson with Rural Metro Ambulance wasn't able to comment due to this ongoing investigation, but the Chief Relations Officer of the corporation says they are taking this very seriously and want to get to the bottom of it.  

John Karolzak, the Chief Relations Officer for the Rural/Metro Corporation, says the situation is very concerning.

Redd says the DEA has now launched an investigation.

We're told a police report was also filed with LMPD.

He says the DEA also got involved in 2012, when agents found morphine tampered with and being replaced with saline solution.

"And then deployed back onto the ambulances, which posed a huge problem," said Redd.

He says the DEA is now working to get to the bottom of this investigation.

"And take steps to where we feel confident that this won't happen again. And not leave it in Rural Metro's hands, but take steps to prevent it from happening again," said Redd.

Redd says this theft could lead to civil fines, or even the loss of the ambulance company's DEA registration.

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