LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- It's hard to see progress on the new Downtown Crossing bridge when you pass it every day.

It's happening, though, one column at a time. Before you know it, the bridge will be in full use -- but what is it going to be called?

"You have to name it something I guess," Terry Bickel of Louisville said.

A couple of names have been tossed around.

"One of the names that was suggested was Ronald Reagan," KFC Spokesman, Rick Maynard said.

A new bipartisan suggestion came into the mix recently. Colonel Harland Sanders, creator of Kentucky Fried Chicken, grew up in Henryville, and obviously built his business in the Bluegrass.

"Literally this bridge will run between his birthplace in Indiana right to where he's buried here in Louisville," explained Maynard.

KFC has tweeted about its idea, and company officials have even created a hashtag they hope to get trending on Twitter. Some are getting behind it.

"Sanders' Bridge? I think that's a great idea," Louisville resident, Guy Hengst said.

"That's a good a way for honoring a person that brought a lot to Kentucky," said Paula Butler.

Others don't care for the idea. @TheFatTech on Twitter says: "No to the bridge. Yes, to the yummy chicken." @TurnAboutAdam called the idea the "Death of all vegetarians' bridge."

Whether you hate it or love it, KFC's spokesman says you can't deny the contribution the man in the white suite and black bow tie has made to the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

KFC will need to go through several steps to make the name a reality.

The company will have to submit a written petition to the transportation cabinet, and then go through a public hearing after that.

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