LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A Louisville institution closed its doors 18 months ago, and is set to re-open in April 2016.

The lights are turned off, but the art doesn't fade away. The Speed Art Museum's new director, Ghislain d'Humieres, is giving old art new life.

"I don't want to say it was forgotten but it was in the library and nobody really remembered," said d'Humieres

Curators uncovered the collection of posters during the renovation.

"This collection has been part of the Speed since 1949 and it was a little bit of a discovery which is kind of exciting," said d'Humieres.

The discovery is now on display for thousands to see at the Local Speed in Nulu.

"What we're doing with Local Speed is using it as a lab to experiment with a lot of things," said d'Humieres.

The Local Speed is the museum's satellite space during the renovation and expansion. It's a chance for the museum to connect with the community.

d'Humieres said, "If we just open a new beautiful building we're going to miss something, we need to open a building which is meaningful."

Since it opened last summer 10,000 people have visited the space, only 2,000 of those are members.

"That means 8,000 are people who are brand new, never came to the Speed uptown, never been related to the museum so for us it's a huge importance," said d'Humieres.

The Speed is on time and on budget for a Spring 2016 reopening. Finishing a $50-million renovation is one thing, re-hanging the art is another. In the meantime, d'Humieres is enjoying the Speed's collection that has never been on display.

"I hope we have more surprises like that, I don't think so but I will be happy," said d'Humieres.

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