LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- While fans are traveling to Dallas or burning couches in Lexington, some Louisville are fans are just looking to show their support. 

People stopped by Fan Outfitters in Shelbyville Road Plaza all day Sunday looking for Kentucky and NCAA Championship apparel hoping to be celebrating the school's ninth national championship Monday.

"They counted our boys out and look where we're at," Cats fan Carmen Manns said, "the championship game!"

Other fans are using their homes to show their love for the team. Especially one home on Memory Lane, which is fully decorated with UK items.

You can see lots of Blue and White and a sign that reads: "Kentucky... the basketball capitol of the world."

Neighbors say the owner of the home keeps the house like this all year long.

The driveway is painted blue with a big UK logo in the middle of it. You can't park on the UK driveway and are clearly warned that this is Wildcat country and to wear red at your own risk.

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