LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Opening statements began Tuesday in the trial of two men accused of killing a teen on a TARC bus in 2012.

Rico Robinson, 17, was killed on a TARC bus stopped at Bardstown Road and Goldsmith Lane on July 23, 2012. Martin Keehn and Jeffrey Kingdon are charged in his death.

In court Wednesday, jurors viewed the surveillance footage from that day. Robinson's family members were in the courtroom and found it unbearable to watch.

In the video, a white Camaro can be seen stopping in front of the bus at the corner of Bardstown Road and Goldsmith Lane.

Then two men and a woman appear to be seen boarding the TARC bus. The two men can be seen approaching Robinson, who was sitting in the back.

The video appears to show a verbal argument; then Kingdon appears to pull a gun and shoot Robinson in the head.

Prosecutor Kristi Gray says Robinson was begging for his life.

"Rico -- although he was initially yelling back at them -- at the end, he had his hands up," Gray said. "He was scared, he was pleading."

Keehn and Kingdon claim Robinson broke into their apartment earlier that day. Gray says the pair tracked him down to confront him.

"They both had a motive to go after him," Gray said. "And whatever they believe Rico did, whatever he might have did, they gave him a death sentence."

But defense attorneys say that wasn't the case.

Keehn's attorney urged jurors to watch his client closely in the surveillance video. He says it shows Keehn exiting the bus as Kingdon pulled the trigger.

We learned Robinson did have a gun in his pocket that day, but witnessed testified they did not see him pull it out. The defense says Kingdon saw the gun and shot Robinson because he was afraid.

"He was acting in self defense," said Kingdon's attorney, Ryan Vantrease. "He did not murder Rico Robinson, and this is an unfortunate thing that happened. But it is not a crime."

The trial resumes Thursday at 9 a.m.


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