LOUISVILLE, Ky (WDRB)-- A former University of Louisville student has more than 185-thousand followers on the social media site Vine.

Sterling Riggs discovered that he's gaining popularity through a new craze called whaling.

Back in 2008, social media poses starting catching on like wildfire with pictures of people planking. Then there was Tebowing, horsemanning, owling and tea-potting. Whaling is now a new hot internet fad.

Santwon McCray created the first known whaling video at McDonalds near campus. "I just looked at everything and wanted to make a video. We took the video and then I was like, I think there is a whale in McDonalds," said McCray.

In a matter of days, the video post starting gaining followers.

"People started tweeting me and sending me facebook messages. I posted it on a Friday and by the end of the weekend it got up to 40-thousand views. It just took off," said McCray. He makes whaling look easy and says anyone can do it. Just make a video of someone imitating a whale breaching the water.

"Some people are startled by it. Some people laugh. Some people walk away because they don't know what's happening."

He says some people think whaling is stupid or childish. He went on to say that there's no meaning behind it, it's harmless and something to do to have a little fun.

"People should laugh and get some enjoyment out of it," said McCray.

To join the whaling craze, just create a video and hash-tag whaling on any social media site. Your whaling video might catch on and get thousands of likes.



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