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AUDIO: 911 calls from March 22 mob violence

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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Calls from victims pleading for help - others from witnesses shocked and terrified by what they were seeing.

Police have released the 911 calls from March 22, the night a mob of teens wreaked havoc from Louisville's Waterfront Park to the heart of downtown.

So far, seven people have been arrested, more are expected.

The first calls to 911 from March 22 came in to MetroSafe shortly before 7:30 that night. One comes from a woman walking on the Big Four Bridge.

"There's a bunch of black kids that walked by and hit an older white man, and he was actually on the ground," she said.

"Down here by the Big Four Bridge, you've got a gang of children acting like a pack of wild dogs," another caller said. "They are terrorizing folks in the park, beating them up, jumping them."

Within 30 minutes, a 13-year-old girl is reportedly assaulted and robbed, and the adult who comes to her rescue is badly hurt. Then teens move south to the White Castle and McDonald's on Market Street. At Bader's Food Mart at First and Liberty Streets, the mob overtakes the store and the violence continues.

"One of these little girls was attacked by this mob of kids, and she's bleeding pretty bad," said one caller. "Come here, sweetheart, come here."

A woman, her boyfriend and her car full of children are waiting at a stoplight near the convenience store when teens start throwing trash cans at her car, punching her.

"They hit my car with rocks. Then they just punched me, and I'm bleeding everywhere," said the caller.

The mob moves farther south from Bader's.

"I want to report a group of about 40 kids," said a caller. "They just ran into my bar and smacked a customer and stole his money and knocked some stuff down. They're hitting cars and businesses."

Then west downtown.

"I'm driving down Broadway, and I saw about 30 or 40 kids just jump this guy," said a caller.

A man who was driving his motorcycle down Broadway calls police himself after he was attacked.

"Was this the juveniles that did this?" asked the dispatcher.

"I can't hardly see," said the caller. "I'm starting to black out."

Assaults are also reported at 3rd and Chestnut, 5th and Broadway and 6th and Broadway

"They're tearing her car. They're trying to kick her door," said a caller.

"How many?" asked the dispatcher.

"There's about 15 to 20 kids out here trying to hurt these people," said the caller.

"Juveniles," said the dispatcher. "Stay on the line with me, OK?"

"Yes, ma'am," said the caller.

"And they're destroying property?" asked the dispatcher.



Another caller said "I need somebody now because I just got jumped by about 10 guys."

" Do you need an ambulance?" the dispatcher asked.

"I don't, but they robbed me too," says caller says.


Each call, disturbing, as the mob moved across downtown Louisville.

"They threw a bottle at my car, and like a brick. I stepped on the gas and got through them," one man said.  

"They were just everywhere running in the middle of the street and everything. And opened up his car door and started hitting him in the face and stuff," another caller said.

"They have been on and on all day," the dispatcher said at one point.

"Is something going on? What's going on tonight?" asked the caller.  

"We don't know," the dispatcher replied.

LMPD reports at least 20 incidents of assault, robbery and vandalism that night. At least 10 people say there were attacked. Metro police say they have arrested seven people in the case; more arrests are possible as officers continue to identify participants.

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