LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- It's shopping time as residents try to find the perfect Kentucky Derby outfit, complete with accessories, and of course, the hat or fascinator. Businesses are booming as people get ready for Derby.

Crush on Derby Boutique at the Paddock Shops is a pop-up store. This is the second year for this pop-up store that opened in March with Crush Boutique's main location in Middletown.

Debbie Russell owns both Crush Boutique locations.

"This one, as we lead up to Derby becomes crazy," Russell said. "We love being out here at this location...gives us a broader width for customers and also we have a lot of people out of town that find us out here."

Hat designer Helen Overfield is putting the finishing touches on a hat.

"These feathers sometimes straight are fun," Overfield said.

Overfield has been making Derby hats for 25 years for friends, family and business clients, but decided to start her own business this year called "Hats Off by Helen."

All kinds of hats -- from casual to fancy -- are on display at her home. She says there is a need for moderately priced elegant hats.

"Each hat has a name," Overfield said. "It sounds like a horse race and I give you two lucky betting numbers, so they're personalized."

She says hats are priced anywhere from $50 to about $190, with the average price at about $125." Overfield is selling hats on her Facebook page faster than she can make them. She has 150 left.

This is just a test year for her business with bigger plans next year that will include adding her family to her business.

"If you look around, each hat is different," Overfield said. "There isn't a single that is the same color or the same embellishment or any of styles, so I make it unique. So, you won't be caught at the track wearing the same hat as someone else."

Back at Crush, the countdown is on until Derby. Certain colors are going fast.

"So anything with pink on it is always big," Russell said. "This year, lavender is also big, so we're selling a lot of that. Anything in blues and fascinators are really taking off ever since Kate Middleton."

And let's not forget about the guys: there are Derby ties for sale too.

This Crush on Derby Boutique will stay open until Oaks night.

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