LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A local company is trying to help make downtown Louisville safer.

This week, Creative Alliance donated money to help extend the hours at places like the Shelby Park Community Center. City officials believe that's one of the steps needed to keep the city safe and children off the streets.

Creative Alliance is in downtown Louisville, not even close to the Shelby Park Community Center.

"Those are kids, these are babies and if they're going to have a future, we need to do something for them," said Debbie Scoppechio, Creative Alliance Founder & CEO.

Despite its location, Scoppechio is investing in the center and the children who use it.

"You don't want to be attacked, ever by anybody but somebody has got to help them, somebody has got to help these kids," said Scoppechio.

This week, Creative Alliance donated $5,000 to the cause. It is a move to help avoid the kinds of youth violence we saw in downtown Louisville a few weeks ago. But Scoppechio is hopeful the money will help move the city forward.

"I think the most important thing right now in downtown Louisville is to not concentrate on the violence but to concentrate on the children."

Since the violence, the city has added more officers and surveillance cameras in certain areas.

We caught up with Mayor Greg Fischer during his Give a Day week of service at the Walden School; he says the donation will go a long way. 

"$5,000 is great, I mean you talk about extending community hours, we'll get hundreds of hours out of that," Mayor Fischer said.

"I sat on the mayor's violence task force last year and one of our recommendations was better programs in our community centers so that money will go a long way towards that end," Metro Councilman David James said.

Councilman James has several community centers in his district and says he hopes other businesses will follow Scoppechio's lead. 

"Because we're all in this boat together and so if we all join together and actually put our money where our mouth is and say that we need to do these things to make our city better, it helps all of us," James said.

"I do challenge every downtown business to try to step up and match us or do better than us and give to the mayor to make this happen," said Scoppechio.

City leaders say the extended hours will come just in time for the upcoming summer break.

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