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Local authors turning page towards self-publishing

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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -"You know a lot of people come into relationships. They think I love him and I love her and sometimes love is not enough," said local author Anitra Durand Allen.

On May 1, Allen goes from blogger to book writer.

The book is entitled "Experience B.L.I.S.S. in Your Relationships." B.L.I.S.S. is an acronym for Being Loved In a Safe Space," Allen said.

Her first foray into the literary world offers a personal guide to living happily ever after.

"Who you love is important but how you love that who is really what makes the difference in whether you're going to be happy and experience the bliss in your relationships," Allen said.

Allen joins a growing list of Louisville authors to publish their own works.

"I had a conversation with one publisher, but I researched several. What it really boiled down to was the cost of entry. How was I going to get my return on investment. How was I going to get there to a point where I haven't sunk all of my resources into a company and I don't see a return," Allen said regarding her decision to self-publish.

Editing out the middle man gives storytellers the power to keep control of their content, like a fresh new page in the book world.

"It's a dynamic growing market," said Peggy DeKay, a book coach. 

The number of self-published authors nearly tripled between 2006 and 2012.

Nearly 250,000 titles were put out in one year. DeKay says now 25-30% of the New York Times Bestsellers list week to week are self-published

It's changing the story on what was was once called vanity press. Authors considered too weak for the mainstream banished to the fridges of publishing.

"Amazon right now is probably the best thing that happened to authors since the printing press literally," said DeKay.

Dekay coaches writers through the self publishing process and then helps market the book. She has 50 titles to her credit, teaching workshops and courses at the University of Louisville and Spaulding. "You might hire an editor. You might hire a book designer. You put all those different independent contractors together and what you can do yourself you do and what you can't you hire to get it done," DeKay explained.

There are websites to walk you through the process step by step, including Createspace, Run by Amazon, and Lulu.com.

"A traditionally published author might sell her book at an event and make a dollar a book. I can sell my book and make 18 dollars a book," DeKay said.

Many self published authors don't even take their books to print. With the advent of E-readers, so called kindle millionaires are popping up left and right.

E.L. James may be the most well know, penning 50 Shades of Gray.

DeKay said "What we're seeing today is the democratization of books because now instead of traditional publishers picking the winner, readers pick the winners."

Though getting your story onto store shelves can still prove difficult.

"I think they felt like you were not as credible if you published it yourself," said Judy Fout, director for A Readers Corner. Fout said big box stores are slow to take self- published works because there's no guarantee they'll sell.

"I lost my sister my grandmother and my uncle in a six month period, had difficulties on my job, went through some challenges with parenting had a preteen in puberty and we just handled it poorly," Allen said. Allen said she doesn't fancy herself an expert. She's an engineer by degree and a Humana project manager by trade.

"I was looking for a way that I could take what I have learned and share it with the masses in a way that it would actually be received," she said.

Beyond that, she's a mom and a wife, hoping to write the next chapter in her life story.

"I think it has something for everyone in a relationship who is looking for that happy, healthy secure place to be," Allen said in regards to she hopes her book will appeal.

For copies of BLISS, go to www.anitradurandallen.com.

For more about self-publishing, visit http://www.peggydekay.com.

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