Josh Young, the teen acquitted of the murder of his stepbrother, appeared before a judge Monday morning, facing brand new assault and wanton endangerment charges.

The judge says because the current case involves felony charges and domestic abuse charges, she raised the bond amount from $1,000 to $10,000. Not guilty pleas were entered on Young's behalf.

Over the weekend, police records show he was arrested following a series of fights with his girlfriend. Police say Young left bruises on the girl and punched her in the stomach so hard she threw up. According to the police report, the victim told officers Young told her he was going to make her watch while he killed her grandmother who she calls "nanny," before killing her. 

The victim's family says the two have been together for about six months, but got an apartment recently off Preston Highway.
 The family says she was scared of him and this is not the first time he's been violent. 
Police say the girlfriend refused medical help.

Police also say at some point during the arguments -- the victim said Young claimed he would go into a police station and start shooting, so the police would have to shoot him.

"Based on that, I'm going to enter a no firearms order, so sir, you are ordered to have no firearms whatsoever," said Judge Annette Karem and she ordered, "no bail credit due to danger to the community."

Last year, Young was acquitted of the murder of his stepbrother, 14-year-old Trey Zwicker.

The judge also says Young will be given a public defender. He was ordered not to contact with the victim and her mother.

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