JEFFERSONVILLE, Ind. (WDRB) -- Law enforcement officials executed search warrants at three medical facilities in Louisville and Jeffersonville Wednesday, and may search others.

According to Stephanie Collins, a spokesperson for the U.S. Attorney's Office, federal officials are executing numerous sealed search warrants in multiple locations in two states.

Officers pulled boxes out of their cars and brought them into doctors' offices Wednesday afternoon.

The parking lot of Physicians Primary Care and the Specialty Center next door were blocked off as officials searched the offices.

"It's completely full everyday from open to close," said Christin, who works next door.

She says the lot is usually full of patients, and she's seen some unusual behavior.

"Fighting, a lot of yelling, I've seen people come out, lay out in the parking lot and start crying. Not sure, I guess they didn't get their medicine," she said.

"I think the doctor's writing them prescriptions for whatever they want."

The U.S. Attorney's office won't tell us what they're looking for...

But it says local, state and federal agencies are involved in the investigation.

Some had "MFCU Attorney General" on the backs of their jackets in Jeffersonville -- that stands for Medicaid Fraud Control Unit.

"I saw the sign on the door and then two cops were going in and i said, 'Why are they closed?'" said Mary Bond, who was turned away from her scheduled doctor's appointment in St. Matthews as officers went in and out.

A hand written sign indicated Diagnostic Medical Imaging Associates was closed, along with another Physicians Primary Care office -- this one on Dupont Circle.

"They also seemed really over happy to try and prescribe you pain medicine and that was not what i was there for," said former patient Akilah Elander, who didn't want her face on camera.

But says she visited Physicians Primary Care Wednesday to get her medical records so she can start seeing a doctor elsewhere.

"It seemed like they were doing whatever they could for the most amount of money the fastest and that struck me as really odd, which is why i never came back."

FBI officials say federal, state and local authorities are involved, but does not anticipate any arrests Wednesday.

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