LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Winner, winner, chicken dinner... or at least a chicken corsage. KFC's new chicken corsage is buzzing on social media.

A funny KFC commercial is prompting teens to put a "wing on it" to "prompose"-- asking someone out to prom.

"The one the other day was, 'I was too chicken to ask you in person.' The other one was, 'Will this give me a leg up on the competition? Will you go to prom with me?'" said Eddie Kraft with Nanz and Kraft Florists.

KFC spokesperson Rick Maynard helped come up with the idea that's been in the works for a few months. They thought about launching around Valentine's Day, but instead decided to wait until prom season. He's amazed at how popular it has become.

"To be honest, when we called Eddie Kraft here at Nanz and Kraft, I was a little amazed that he took the call because it's such an unusual request," he said.


Unusual, but some are calling genius. It costs $20 plus shipping.

Nanz and Kraft has had no problem selling them. The shop first decided to make 100, but after it sold out fast, it's making another 100.

"We're taking silk baby's breath, real baby's breath. KFC has made some chicken legs for us. It comes with a coupon and you go and buy your own chicken that way you can tie it in. That way it's little do it yourself kit," Kraft said.


"Mother's Day is in two weeks, so we we do have some going out to mom. Most of them are simple: Happy Mother's Day. I know how much you love fried chicken."


Florist Jasmine Camacho says she's having a blast making these, even though they make her hungry for more chicken.

"I actually sent one to my mom. She loved it. I sent her one at work. She showed everyone at work and now everyone wants one," Camacho said.


"I've been seeing them go to Canada, California, New Mexico. They've really gone all over the country," said Kraft.


If you want a chicken corsage, you better act fast. There's only about 30 left.  Then the promotion will be over.

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