A complaint I recently received about the violence in Fox's Saturday night UFC telecast made me think it's a good time to explain once more exactly what the connection is - and is not -- between Fox and WDRB. So here goes:

Fox Broadcasting is a network that delivers its programming via hundreds of local stations nationwide. WDRB is one of those stations. In exchange for clearance of those shows - plus a lot of money - we have the right to sell commercial time within them.

We don't get to pick and choose what we'll carry.  And that's why we sometimes have to air something that may not suit our individual tastes - like the UFC -- as a trade-off for being able to show things like the NFL, "American Idol" or "Cosmos."

Fox doesn't own us, and has no say over what we broadcast outside network hours.  And no - we're also not owned, operated or controlled by cable's Fox News Channel. Aside from using some of their footage for national stories, there's no relationship whatsoever, and only we determine what our news content will be.

Local news and syndicated programming like "Big Bang Theory" and "Dr. Phil" make up the lion's share of our broadcast day, and you'd see them on WDRB no matter which network we were affiliated with.

Fox is a very good business partner.  But it's important to know they're only one part of WDRB's much larger quest for greatness.

I'm Bill Lamb and that's my Point of View.

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