SIMPSONVILLE, Ky.  (WDRB) - Owning a small business can be a struggle, but also a blessing.  On Sunday, women in Shelby County proved they’re ready for the challenge and the extra boost that could be headed their way.

"Well I've always had a passion, it's been a dream of mine to open a business," says Sandi West.  She opened up “Sandi’s Styles” back in 2013.  Her mobile fashion unit is inside an old renovated plumbing truck, now painted pink.

"I'm mobile, and I can go to the customers and can travel from city to city," says West, who’s an accountant during the day but a business owner by night.  "Actually I just went to full-time/part-time because this business has taken off so quickly."

Sandi, just one of the several women taking part in a small business expo in Simpsonville over the weekend, where others are in the same boat.

"I've always wanted to be an entrepreneur," says Amie McGruder of B&H Boutique.  She runs her business out of a rented space in a salon.  The biggest challenge, she says, is being able to keep two jobs going while balancing her family life.

"When I would work overtime, I would save that money to be able to purchase items to be able to put in the boutique."

Missy Gousha, started Missy K’s Boutique and Consignment about six years ago after getting offered a buyout at Ford Motor Company.  She wanted to focus on fashion.  "It's hard for me because I'm single and you kind of live month to month," she says.

Now, Missy K is selling her passion including her very own designed derby hats.  "I love going to Oaks and Derby and running into my customers wearing them!"

That entrepreneurial spirit also drives local programs.  Chris Truelock, Simpsonville’s Parks and Rec Director says, “You don't generally see big names, big box stores on the back of team uniforms.  You  usually see the local pizzerias, local agencies and other businesses."

But big names, like the ones that will open later this summer at the outlet mall in Simpsonville, can be a boost to local business.

"And when I can pop up and try to pick times that are more traffic areas,” says West, “that's a big thing.  Sometimes people stop by who don't even know what my company's about."

Even though some of the women are juggling two jobs, they say watching their “baby” grow, is all worth it.

"It's been very, very hectic,” says West.  “But I've been really trying to build it, but that's what a small business is about.  You take a chance and you work hard and you try for the best."

Sunday’s small business event was a fundraiser for the Simpsonville Parks Department with money raised, going to youth scholarships and programs.

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