LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The Bardstown Police Department is responding to questions from the public about why so many police officers were at the funerals of Kathy and Samantha Netherland, the mother and daughter who police say were murdered inside their home earlier this week.

"The reason that many of you saw officers and deputies at the church holding a door open or assisting in other ways and ultimately numerous officers assisting the sheriff's office with the procession was nothing more than simply doing what we are sworn to do: to serve our community in times of need," states a posting on the department's Facebook page.

The posting goes on to say that an Ofc. Reece Riley approached Chief Rick McCubbin with the idea of organizing a detail to "show the family of the victims and the entire community that we are one solid community and when the town was there for us last May, we wanted to 'pay back' our community by showing that we are here for them, especially when such horrific events happen."

Specifically, the posting references the murder of Bardstown Police Ofc. Jason Ellis, and the ensuing outpouring of support the family and police force received from the Bardstown community.

"Bardstown has witnessed three homicides in less than a year, all currently unsolved, though we have faith that all will be solved," the Facebook page states. "This great town stood together when one of their police officers was gunned down to show that we will not be rattled and that we indeed will stand together."

The posting also contains a written statement from Chief McCubbin.

"This small gesture of assisting the family of the victims also extends to our citizenry, that we have not forgotten what you did, and due to the tragedy that has once again struck home, we are YOUR police department," McCubbin stated.

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