BARDSTOWN, Ky. (WDRB) – Kathy Netherland and her daughter Samantha were laid to rest on Monday, but the police presence at their funeral caught the small town off guard.

Bardstown Police Chief Rick McCubbin says when they lost one of their own last year, the community supported them.  So on Monday, eight officers returned the favor. 

The idea came from officer Reece Riley. 
"He felt that the way this community is, and what they did when Jason Ellis was killed, we wanted to give back a little bit," said McCubbin.

Ellis, an officer on the force for seven years, was shot to death along a parkway exit ramp 11 months ago. His murder remains unsolved. 

Outside the department, there’s a simple memorial as a reminder of his service for those who protect and serve.

"A lot of the guys are from here,” said McCubbin, “they grew up here, lived here all their lives, others are from the outside and we have a pretty good mix, but even the ones who came from the outside they've adopted Bardstown, and Bardstown has adopted them."

Officers serving off-duty and on their own time. Some who attended the funeral didn't even know the family.

"It just shows the dedication and what professional men and women we really have here at Bardstown, that they wanted to do this," said McCubbin.

But Bardstown is very small and the rumors quickly spread.  Calls and emails flooded the department.  McCubbin recalls the questions, "What's going on?  Why are there police officers?  Do you have a suspect?  Are you waiting for him to show up?  You know, the rumor mill gets ignorant at times."

So the chief took to Facebook to explain their presence.  The support, felt in nearly every comment.  The post had more than 1000 “likes” and 100 shares.  McCubbin says it’s all about coming together.  “We just want to be here for our community,” he says. “We're your police and we want to do what we think is best and they were extremely appreciative and complimentary of what the officers were doing."

All three murders remain unsolved.  If you have any information about the Netherland case and the black Chevy Impala, or information that could help solve Ellis's murder, call Kentucky State Police.

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