LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- It's the typo seen around the world, and Churchill Downs responded Tuesday to the unfortunate mistake on the Kentucky Derby favorite's saddlecloth.

What's in a name?

"I guess somebody needs a spelling lesson for California maybe," said racing fan Martha Pyles.

"That's terrible, that's absolutely terrible," said racing fan Charles Kinney.

"Somebody didn't proofread that," said racing fan Dawn Summers.

If you're the favorite in the 140th running of the Kentucky Derby, and you arrive to a throng of press just waiting to snap your picture, and Churchill Downs hands you a saddlecloth with your name misspelled -- well then everything, everything is in that name.

And so goes the story for California Chrome.

"These types of things can happen all the time. They're innocent mistakes and at least Art Sherman is getting a good laugh out of it," said Churchill Downs spokesperson Darren Rogers.

Yes, the horse's trainer is taking it all in stride.

"You know that might be an idea: we'll put it on eBay and see what we can get," said Art Sherman, laughing about the error.

Meanwhile, the track rushes for a fix.

"It was an innocent mistake, I think everyone can relate to mistakes and it was rectified this morning. California Chrome's new saddle towel is already here," said Rogers.

WDRB didn't see the new cloth when California Chrome stretched his legs Tuesday morning, but we did see how the picture of the original had been shared time and time again on Twitter with "#norespect."

Well, somebody's getting fired," said racing fan William Badillo.

Churchill Downs designs the saddlecloths and sends them off to a manufacturer for production. But track leaders are not saying at which point this typo came in and how many hands it went through before it got to the horse.

Most race fans seem understanding, saying it won't change the way they bet.

"Hey, let it be," said Steve Taylor.

"Not everybody is perfect like you and I -- LOL, far from it," said Joe Parks.

And if this Derby contender lives up to all the hype, then they'll certainly get his name right in the Winner's Circle.

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