NELSON COUNTY, Ky. (WDRB) -- Find the car, catch the killer. Kentucky State Police are confident investigators have identified the suspect car in last week's double murder in the community of Botland.

Police say surveillance video shows the black Chevy Impala leaving the area shortly after two people were killed inside a home along U.S. 150. And now that the car has been identified, dozens of calls and tips are starting to come in.

"I mean, we're not sleeping, nobody is really, I mean everybody is on pins and needles," said Kyra Greenwell, who says her lack of sleep is connected to the recent murders of her neighbors.

She is relieved, however, that police may be closing in on a suspect.

"But until they're caught, I don't think anyone in this town is going to have peace of mind."

Last Tuesday, Kathy Netherland and her daughter Samantha were found murdered inside their Nelson County home.

"Now our focus is on the black Impala and we're confident enough to call that the suspect vehicle," said KSP Trooper Jeff Gregory.

Since then no arrests have been made, but Kentucky State Police believe if they find this car, that will change.

"We feel that if we can find out who was operating the Impala on [April] 21 around 8 o'clock, we can come to some closure on this case," Trooper Gregory said.

Since releasing images of the car, police have received dozens of tips and leads about cars matching the description, but they're asking people to go even deeper.

"Think outside the box a little bit, and keep in mind that it might be that the person who is responsible may not have ownership of that car, but it may be a car that they borrowed from a friend or a relative or a grandparent," Trooper Gregory said.

Meanwhile, Greenwell admits she didn't know her neighbors well.

"Love thy neighbor, we just want to help," she said. Now she's using Facebook to plan a candlelight vigil in their honor this week.

"I just posted it last night and we already have over a hundred people coming and we've got over 1,200 people reached."

The vigil is scheduled for Thursday at 8 p.m. at the Nelson County Courthouse.

Anyone with information about the black Chevrolet Impala or any potential suspects should contact Kentucky State Police at 270-766-5078.

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