JEFFERSONVILLE, Ind. (WDRB) -- It all started with a dent. Prosecutors say a Shepherdsville man beat up an off-duty officer in front of two young children in a southern Indiana parking lot.

"Pretty typical occurrence in a parking lot -- somebody getting out of a car and unfortunately banging the car door into somebody else," said Clark County Prosecutor Jeremy Mull

Mull says when it happened to Keith Hillman at Buckhead Mountain Grill in Jeffersonville, it touched off a fight that changed an off-duty officer into a crime victim.

"Describes a situation where he was just sucker punched out of the blue and never saw it coming, didn't know a confrontation was coming. It took  by him by complete surprise."

Mull is trying to find James Whobrey and Sebastian Racine, who are both charged with felony battery.

"He did sustain some pretty serious injuries, including a broken bone in his face and a broken leg," Mull said about the victim.

Court records say Whobrey was driving and Racine was the passenger in the car that pulled into Buckhead on March 30.

We're told Hillman was waiting in his car when Racine dented his door.

"The witness accounts vary as to what happened -- anywhere from the defendants drug him out of his truck and assaulted him, to some witnesses saying that they simply approached, and then a couple of witnesses saying that they thought Mr. Hillman threw the first punch from where they were at," Mull explained.

Mull says the end result is consistent: Hillman stomped, punched and beaten to the ground.

The Heritage Creek police officer says he identified himself, but it did not stop the attack.

We're told his young daughter as well as Racine's 10-year-old son were both at the scene to watch it unfold.

"It's the sort of thing that just should not have happened and there will be some serious repercussions from this," Mull said.

Hillman is still out of work, recovering from his injuries

Anyone with information on Whobrey and Racine is asked to call Jeffersonville Police.

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