WEST BUECHEL, Ky. (WDRB) -- The fireworks and finger-pointing continue in West Buechel after the departure of the town's police chief.

"All of this blindsided me, I don't know where it came from, where the lies came from," said West Buechel Police Chief Jeffrey Manning.

The trouble started shortly after Chief Manning announced his resignation. That's when Mayor Sharon Fowler promoted a sergeant to interim chief, ahead of a lieutenant.

"I can understand and I do empathize with the individual," said Chief Manning.

Manning says he's been considering this for several months; he thought his retirement would be easy, but that has not been the case.

"This man has been attacking me ever since I've been here, has attacked the mayor before I got here and is just not happy unless he is causing some type of turmoil," said Manning, referring to West Buechel Councilman Loy Crawford.

"This goes on and we can't get public records. Hey, this is a big ball of wax as far as I'm concerned," said Councilman Crawford.

Crawford has questioned Manning's past and whether he was even qualified to be chief.

"I know from my experience here on the city council, I know he is, when I say that he carries a lot of baggage. I have followed up with Chief White when he was here," explained Crawford.

Crawford also accuses the mayor of corruption and wasting taxpayer money.

"It's strange to me that she would continue to follow up and do things that are not exactly up to par with what I think is up to par, as far as the way the government should be run and you know, be on the level," Crawford said.

"So, do you have anything to back this up, do you have any proof?" asked WDRB's Stephan Johnson.

"What do you mean by proof? I mean, I've been on the council and I've seen what has happened come down over the years, yes," Crawford replied.

"We can't vote anybody in or out, alls we do is paying them money, basically," said West Buechel business owner Chris Medley.

It is all disheartening to Medley; he wants city leaders to be more accountable with their tax dollars and to reconsider the decision to add a K-9 unit.

"I really don't understand that either that's just spending money because you can, it's easy to spend other people's money when alls you got to do is raise taxes," said Medley.

There is another special meeting Thursday afternoon. Once again, the appointment of a new police chief is at the top of the agenda.

Chief Manning's last day on the job is Friday.

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