Apparel Recommendations

Oaks and Derby days are a “Dress to Impress” occasion. That being said, here are some guidelines to help you be comfortable on the day:

Reserved seating areas (Grandstand, clubhouse, suites, dining rooms and corporate hospitality areas)

Ladies typically wear pastel-colored suits, dresses, or bold separates. Hats are the major fashion trend at the Derby, so don’t forget yours! High heels always look nice with your colorful Derby and Oaks outfits but you may want to pack a comfortable pair of shoes such as flip flops for the walk to and from your car.

Gentlemen traditionally sport seersucker suits, light-colored sport coats or those go-to navy sport coats, nice khakis or dress pants, light-colored shirts, and fashionable ties (long or bow) with matching accessories. Click here to see Derby fashion photos.

Dress Code (Apparel Restrictions):

Denim/jeans, shorts, tennis shoes or any athletic apparel are not permitted in:

  • Trophy Room
  • Turf Club
  • Finish Line Suites
  • Jockey Club Suites
  • Aristides Room
  • Stakes Room
  • Turf Suites Section 111
  • Trophy Suites
  • Trackside Village
  • Millionaire’s Row 
Worn, torn, or frayed garments, collarless t-shirts, tank tops, and midriff tops are never allowed in reserved seating areas.

Infield Apparel Recommendations:

The infield is certainly less formal than the reserved seating areas and the rule of the day for infield apparel is practical comfort!

Recommended infield attire includes blue jeans, shorts, t-shirts or polo shirts, casual sundresses, and comfortable footwear. Remember, the infield is exposed to the elements, so be sure to bring a rain jacket if rain is in the forecast as umbrellas are not allowed at Churchill Downs on Derby and Oaks Days. For sunny weather, it’s smart to also wear a good layer of sunscreen! Click here to see infield fashion photos.