LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB)--- After the Kentucky Derby comes to an end, then comes the part that isn't so fun. Cleaning up the track.

On Sunday, there was a massive effort to get Churchill Downs back to normal, cleaning up more than 40 tons of trash.

"Lots of beer bottles, lots of cigars and broken glass," says Kirsten Doan, an Atherton High School soccer player.

Mounds upon mounds of trash is always left behind after the big race, but as the sun came up on Sunday, volunteers from area high schools tackled some of the spots with the most trash, like the infield.

"Trash, beer, paper, beer," says Dawson Hatzman, an Atherton High School football player.

Among the trash, they usually find shoes, clothes, money, and sometimes even a winning ticket if you're lucky enough.

"One man's trash is another man's treasure sometimes, so they may keep that for themselves," says David Hicks, Head Coach of the Fairdale High School Baseball Coach.

"It sucks for us, but it shows they had a good time I guess," says Kirsten Doan.

By Sunday afternoon, the volunteers had the infield cleaned up.

"Just like a vacuum cleaner, a human vacuum cleaner so to say," says David Hicks.

"Last year it was raining and was really muddy and a lot more trash. People seemed to clean up better this year," says Allen Miles, a Bullitt East Football player. 

Although the Derby fun is now over, for the volunteers, their work will continue to pay off.

"We're cleaning up to fundraise for our football team so we can get new jerseys and stuff. It's pretty cool," says Allen Miles.

"We also clean up after the Oaks on Friday as well. It allows us to have money to make improvements to our facilities and also to help out with purchasing equipment and things for the program," says David Hicks.

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