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Senator Mitch McConnell: flexibility is important to working families

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I want to ask you about something you're working on in Washington, which is flex time, which is aimed at helping working families. How would it work and what needs to happen to get that passed?

The federal government for years has allowed federal workers to take time-and-a-half -- rather than be paid time-and-a-half -- to take that time-and-a-half and use it for free time -- in other words, flexibility in the workplace. This is particularly important to working women, and would be a great idea for families in general. It would be purely voluntary, not mandatory. But if a worker thought it would be more valuable to have time-and-a-half off as opposed to time-and-a-half paid, if the two of them agree -- the employer and the employee -- this would permit it. Right now, it's not permitted in the private sector, principally because the labor unions have always been opposed to it for whatever reason.

I find (that) curious, frankly, because for many families these days, the most important thing if flexibility. Not that pay is unimportant, but this sort of gives you the option: I can work an extra hour and get time-and-a-half or work an extra hour and get time-and-a-half off. And I think it's a great idea for the American workforce.

This is something you proposed?

Yeah, we would like to see it enacted into law. The challenge has been, for whatever curious reason, the labor unions still oppose it, and most Democrats, who tend to do whatever the unions want, still oppose it. I find it curious that they oppose this because it strikes me as a perfect solution to the two parent working family that we have in America these days.

Bill Lamb has done a great job. This station has really carved out a special niche whether it's expanding the news coverage or whether it's providing opinion options that give people in the community a chance to have another point of view, as opposed to the Courier Journal, which is always on the far left, advocating whatever the most liberal position is.

So Channel 41 is a place you can go and get a different point of view, a place you can go and see a lot of news coverage in the course of a week. It's been a great success story and I'm happy to be here to congratulate Bill and all of you for a wonderful job.
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